AKC Meet The Breeds

The AKC, in an effort to further public education and the ABC, in order to provide accurate information about Bloodhounds, participate in Meet The Breed ®events. Formerly at Javits Convention Center (NYC) and now in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club (NYC) week of activities, the members of the CBC annually staff a Bloodhound booth. Pictures, pamphlets, and most importantly live Bloodhounds are there to meet the public while owners answer questions about, “life with Bloodhounds.”

CBC members have available a 15’ X 10’ light weight canvas booth backdrop of “On Scent,” the oil painting by John Sargent Noble depicting two hounds hot on the trail; one with head thrown upwards baying while the other works the scent. For downloadable flyers and materials to host a Bloodhound booth, please contact Adriana Pavlinovic at [email protected]