What training do they need?

Like all breeds of dogs, Bloodhounds should have some type of positive socialization class and/or basic obedience class (sit, stay, walking on leash, etc.). Your Bloodhound may not be the star of the class, but this is useful for many reasons including creating a bond between you and your hound, allowing for ease of veterinary care, and being a good canine citizen.

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Do they shed?

Yes. Usually twice a year in the late spring and late fall, but others with a thicker undercoat may shed year round. Getting into a weekly grooming routine will help here. The cleaning of ears and eyes, trimming of toenails and brushing of coat weekly is a part of life for any Bloodhound owner.

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What about invisible fencing?

No. Invisible fencing does not work well with Bloodhounds. Many Bloodhounds have a high pain threshold and also a natural barrier to the electric shock via the loose skin about the head and neck. Once out of a yard the Bloodhound will eagerly use its freedom to investigate the scents of the neighborhood and roadways.

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Do they need above ground fencing?

Yes, Yes, Yes! The Bloodhound nose/sense of smell is an amazing tool carefully bred for centuries, and also their worst enemy. Bloodhounds will naturally follow an interesting scent, and have no road/vehicle sense. A loose Bloodhound is a dead Bloodhound. Even Bloodhound owners who have earned obedience titles with their hound keep their dog on leash when out of a fenced yard.

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Do they dig?

Some do, especially in the hot summer months, a hole to lie in. If you are a meticulous gardener, or do not want an area dug, fence it off. Do they jump or climb? Some do, so a 5’ or preferably 6’ fence is recommended.

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Are they good with children?

Most are. The majority of bloodhounds enjoy children, but most bloodhounds are unaware of their size and strength and should be supervised like all breeds with toddlers and infants. The active bloodhound can accidentally knock down a small child, so a good rule of thumb is 5 years and older.

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Are they a guard dog?

No. However they are wonderful watch dogs…they will watch a stranger take your TV, and then watch and welcome as the stranger comes back for your computer. The trade off is… that a well trained bloodhound can find the stranger by trailing him/her down later on.

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Do they bark?

Bloodhounds make a distinctive deep chested sound called a bay. Most are not barkers, but will sound off with the “rooooo” if they catch scent of something interesting in the air. Bloodhounds are very intelligent though, and if you have another dog that barks, they can easily learn to bark from them.

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Do they drool?

Yes. Not all of the time, and some may drool more than others especially because of the square muzzle and loose lips. Bloodhound owners commonly carry a drool towel when out with their dogs.

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