Event Process

The Colonial Bloodhound Club (CBC) encourages its members to engage in Bloodhound related events and activities that can be enjoyed by all. CBC members can request approval to hold any of the events currently available to the American Bloodhound Club (ABC). Scent Work was recently added to the list of ABC events available to the CBC. All CBC sanctioned events or trailing trails hosted in the Northeastern area will require approval by the CBC Board prior to being submitted to the ABC Event Coordinating Committee.

CBC events will adhere to the Events Planning practices of the ABC. www.americanbloodhoundclub.org Events proposed after the stated deadlines may be denied.

Summary of Practices:     https://www.colonialbloodhoundclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Summary-of-Practices-for-ABC-Dog-Shows-May-22-2020.pdf

Step 1 - Complete both the Application and Preliminary Financial forms.

All event applications and financial forms are available on www.americanbloodhoundclub.org. The fillable forms are
easy to complete and can be printed out and scanned. Please go to the Event Applications - American Bloodhound Club.

a. Identify Committee retain emails of acceptance
b. Regional and Support events held in conjunction with an all breed event will require their written (email) consent.

Step 2 - Submit both the event application and the preliminary financial plan together to the CBC Board for approval

The preliminary financial plan will provide some gross estimates of income, expenses, and a number of projected entries.

Step 3 - The CBC Board has a goal to vote on any event within 30 days after receipt of the event application.

Step 4 - Following the CBC Board approval the event chair will be notified immediately via email.

Step 5 - The CBC Board will forward the approved application/financials to the respective ABC Event Coordinating Committee (ECC)person for the Northeast.

Responsibility of Chair - An event chair is responsible for the leadership required to plan, organize, support and complete final report on a successful event.

  1. The event chairperson is responsible for maintaining a profit. If an event does not meet its financial projections, the CBC will incur the cost and perhaps impose a restriction on future event applications from that particular event chair.
  2. Seed money to the maximum of $300 is available upon request for all events with an approved financial plan.
  3. Seed money can be used for any purposes to support the event.
  4. The event chairperson and committee members are responsible for the repayment of any “seed monies” obtained from the Colonial Bloodhound Club (CBC).

A final financial report must be filed with the CBC Treasurer and subsequently to the CBC Board within the guidelines of the ABC Summary of Practices.

  1. Final reporting is the responsibility of the event chairperson.
  2. Final reports are submitted to the CBC Board for approval
  3. CBC Board forwards the final report to the appropriate Event Coordinator for ABC Board approval.