Public Education

The Bloodhound is a very appealing breed and draws the public eye wherever one travels, but the breed is not for everyone. So that prospective owners or those considering the breed know what they are getting into, the CBC participates in public education opportunities like Meet The Breeds, Pet Expos, and community events.

CBC members are encouraged to participate in local community events and/or kennel club breed booth activities where the public has an opportunity to meet Bloodhounds in person and have their questions answered by knowledgeable Bloodhound owners.

AKC Meet The Breeds

Example of activities at AKC Meet The Breeds.

The AKC, in an effort to further public education and the ABC, in order to provide accurate information about Bloodhounds, participate in Meet The Breed ®events. Formerly at Javits Convention Center (NYC) and now in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club (NYC) week of activities, the members of the CBC annually staff a Bloodhound booth. Pictures, pamphlets, and most importantly live Bloodhounds are there to meet the public while owners answer questions about, “life with Bloodhounds.”

CBC members have available a 15’ X 10’ light weight canvas booth backdrop of “On Scent,” the oil painting by John Sargent Noble depicting two hounds hot on the trail; one with head thrown upwards baying while the other works the scent. For downloadable flyers and materials to host a Bloodhound booth, please contact Adriana Pavlinovic at

Member Education

CBC members have an opportunity to learn more about the breed, advances in health, or attend seminars on various topics like Scent and the Bloodhound, Mantrailing, Rally, the Breed Standard, and many more topics each year. Members can request to host fun days, or ask for seminars on a specific topic to further their knowledge about the breed. The NE Regional Specialty in the spring affords members the opportunity to plan and/or attend a seminar, or the CBC Board can be contacted with specific topic requests or interest in hosting one of these educational opportunities.

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