CBC Committees & Appointees


Budget Committee:

Sandy Katos

Jim Heck

Event Application Approval:

CBC Board

Show Committee:

To promote and encourage conformation showing of Bloodhounds. To assist members and others wishing to participate with bloodhounds in the show ring.Will make all applications and necessary paperwork for upcoming shows and specialties.

Rick Shriver, Chair

Susan Mackley

Stacie Shriver


Mark Pascale, Chair

Lisa McCarthy

Terri Heck

Joseph Pomposelli

Trophy/Fund Raising Committee:

To work with the show committee and others in obtaining trophies, gifts and prizes for dog shows and any other event requiring trophies and or prizes.


Stacie Shriver

Dana Olivio

Meg Silverman

Lil Fithian

Cynthia Goble

Hospitality Committee:

Chris Bucci, Chair


Lou Ann Pomposelli, Chair


Meg Silverman, Chair

Janet Kelly

Web Liaison:

Meg Silverman

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