Looking for a Bloodhound?

If you are looking for a bloodhound puppy, the AKC refers individuals interested in obtaining a bloodhound to our Puppy Breeder Referral Director who in turn provides them with the name and phone number of the advisor in their respective geographical region. See our contacts below.

Check out FAQs About Bloodhounds before Purchasing a Bloodhound. There are many wonderful articles written by expert breeders on how to purchase a bloodhound puppy! Their advise is wonderful and will prepare you for ownership. Choosing a Breeder to Bloodhounds 101 – Exercise, Nutrition, Grooming, Health by Adriana Pavlinovic at the American Bloodhound Club.

*Please Note: If you are planning a litter or have puppies for sale, please contact your Regional Advisor.

Breeder Referral Director – Molly Nye (704) 849-7920 – Mns4@aol.com

Regional Advisors
Northeast - Jennifer Hallett (781) 826-8034 - jchallett@comcast.net
Southeast – Molly Nye (704) 849-7920 – Mns4@aol.com
North Central - Carolyn Whetstone (217) 442-7004 - bldhnd7@nwcable.net
South Central - Katrine Vole - houndgrl80@yahoo.com
Northwest - Sheri Whetstine - outtamygourd57@gmail.com
Southwest - Judy Walker (760)945-9227 bassetwalker@cox.net